Meat: the business focuses on the business of farming, processing and retailing of red meat. To make it flexible for use in school, it is divided into two episodes.


Part one focuses on the life cycle of livestock, feed intake, sustainability and health and welfare of the animals. Beef, sheep and pig farmers are featured, providing authentic examples of the work that goes into producing a quality end product.
The merits of the Red Tractor Farm Assurance Scheme are also outlined, highlighting the importance for
consumers to know where their meat comes from and how livestock are reared. In addition, the Protected
Geographical Indication (PGI) status of Welsh Beef and Lamb is explained.

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The second episode looks at the nature of livestock markets and the stages in the processing of livestock in abattoirs and meat plants. The key roles undertaken by butchers are also outlined. In addition, a food marketing expert explains the importance of marketing the tougher cuts of meat and provides a case study about sausages. The episode ends with a nutrition scientist focusing on the nutritional benefits of red meat.

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A teacher’s guide, containing lesson ideas and resources, can be downloaded below to help unpack key teachingpoints and provide suggestions for extension activities.


Suitable for A-level students.