Meat: the business

Meat: the business focuses on the business of farming, processing and retailing of red meat. To make it flexible for use in school, it is divided into two episodes.


A-level conference podcasts

A collection of presentations from the A-level food and nutrition student and teacher conference held on 9 November 2013 are available to view below. In addition, handouts for each presenation are also available to download.


Tackling Climate change through livestock

Presenter: Nigel Penlington, Environmental Programme Manager for the BPEX (British Pig Excutive) division of the AHDB (Agricultural and Horticultural Development Board).

Interactive PowerPoint presentations

The PowerPoint presentations are designed in a tutorial format to allow students to explore topics at their own pace. At the end of the tutorial is a short ten question quiz for students to test their knowledge.

A-level recipes

Here you will find a range of recipes with a variety of skills to challenge different student abilities. The collection of recipes suitable for A- level students wil gradually be built-up over time.