In this area you will find six videos for KS4 students that focus on the practical skills required to prepare, cook and serve red meat.  The videos highlight the skills GCSE students need to demonstrate including:

  • Knife skills
  • Making meat tender
  • Meat preparation - prepare, combine and shape
  • Cooking meat - using the grill
  • Cooking meat - using the oven
  • Cooking meat - using the hob.


The videos also support the theory that students must show an understanding and knowledge of:

  • How preparation and cooking affects the sensory and nutritional properties of food
  • The working characteristics, functional and chemical properties of ingredients to achieve a particular result
  • Food safety principles of preparing and cooking food
  • Appropriate cooking methods to conserve or modify nutritive value or improve palatability.


The videos are presented by Denise Spencer-Walker, Food Advisor, AHDB Beef & Lamb.  Denise has many years experience of working with red meat, developing recipes, food styling and providing consumer advice.


To support their use in the classroom, or for homework, there is also a 'key learning' worksheet for each video.

Video 1: Knife skills

Video 2: Making meat tender

Video 3: Meat preparation - prepare, combine and shape

Video 4: Cooking - using the grill

Video 5: Cooking - using the oven

Video 6: Cooking - using the hob