The GCSE content states that students must be able to:

  • Consider the influence of lifestyle and consumer choice when developing meals and recipes
  • Consider the nutritional needs and food choices when selecting recipes, including when making decisions about the ingredients, processes, cooking methods and portion sizes
  • Develop the ability to review and make improvements to recipes by amending them to include the most appropriate ingredients, process, cooking methods and portion sizes
  • Manage the time and cost of recipes effectively
  • Use their testing and sensory evaluation skills, adjusting where needed, to improve the recipe during the preparation and cooking process
  • Explain, justify and present their ideas about their chosen recipes and cooking methods to others
  • Make decisions about which techniques are appropriate based on their understanding of nutrition, food, different culinary traditions and cooking and food preparation content in order to achieve their intended outcome.  They must be able to carry out these techniques safely and combine them into appealing meals whilst evaluating the results.