Red meat - factors affecting food choice

This resource is designed to support teaching and learning about the wide range of factors that affect food choice.

Red meat - the journey from farm to fork

This resource is designed to help students understand the journey of red meat from farm to fork. There are also a number of resources to support teaching and learning about farming and livestock, food provenance, red meat processing and eating in season.

Red meat - cuts, preparation and cooking

The spring 2017 Meat and Education poster focuses on red meat cuts, preparation techniques and cooking methods.  QR codes are included allowing teachers and students to find out more about red meat cuts, preparation, cooking and food hygiene.  Students can also easily upload their red meat recipes to My Cooking Counts using the handy QR code.  Online support resources include a Cooker safety challenge, worksheets and a certificate. 

Using your senses

This resource is desinged to help students understand the five senses, how the olfactory system works and also how we taste.  The poster also provides some suggestions of descriptive vocabulary that students could use when carrying out sensory evaluation.

The art of food styling and presentation

This resource is designed to help teachers and students understand the importance of effective and appropriate food presentation and styling.  Use with the Art of Food Styling and Presentation PPT.

Food hygiene active learning resource

This resource is designed to be used as part of active learning in the classroom, for homework or independent study including exam revision.  Use with the board game questions, bingo game PPT and food hygiene images.

Eating nose to tail

This poster features the wonderful range of offal available from beef, lamb and pork.  Offal is good value for money and provides important nutrients which support health and well-being.

Food provenance on your doorstep

The poster highlights and promotes regional/traditional meat dishes that use beef, lamb or pork along wurg explaining the protected name schemes and identifying the relevant red meat and meat-based products.

Know your red meat

Red meat is an important food commodity and is used extensively in a wide range of dishes. It is important to understand the source, characteristics and seasonality of red meat when following and creating recipes.

Food skills and cooking techniques

There are a number of food skills and cooking techniques which are required to prepare, cook and serve a range of dishes.