The poster outlines six different, transferable changes which could be incorporated into many different meals and dishes to create Marvellous Meal Makeovers. Suitable for KS3 and 4 students.
This poster provides a focus on careers that are available within the UK Food and Drink industry, highlighting different employment opportunities and skills which may be required. The poster could help students with their own career choices or be useful in promoting the subjects Food...
This board game activity encourages students to explore farming, cooking with different cuts of meat and nutrition. This could be used with early finishers or for students who are not participating in practical cooking sessions.
This poster highlights key facts about mince and how it is made. Students can use the card activity to rank recipes into order according to a nutrient, learn healthy cooking tips or create their own recipe cards.Suitable for KS3 and KS4 students. 
This poster highlights key aspects of cooking on a budget, such as using seasonal foods, stocking up, planning before shopping, ‘one-pot’ meals, freezing food and using leftovers. The poster could be used when discussing meal planning. Suitable for KS3 or KS4