Welcome to the Skills toolkit - a set of 10 lessons to support teaching Year 9 pupils about diet and health, nutrition through life, consumerism and food storage and preparation. The lessons have been created to enable students to demonstrate a range of practical skills and cooking techniques...
Red meat and health - This lesson is about students explaining the role of different nutrients provided by red meat, explaining red meat consumption guidance and discussing the changes in the fat content of meat.
Food storage and preparation - This lesson is about students indentifying the key factors which increase the shelf-life of red meat, defining types of food preservation and describing the different methods of heat transfer.
Meat and the consumer - This lesson is about students naming different cuts of meat and explaiing their use in cooking, knowing where red meat can be purchased and explaining the information provided by food labels.
Nutrition and life stages - This lesson is about students explaining the nutritional needs at different life stages, as well as planning a two course meal for a specific life stage.