This section provides a wide range of resources suitable for secondary school students and teachers of Food Preparation and Nutrition, Home Economics: Food and Nutrition and the various Technical Awards that focus on food and nutrition.
The six modules provide up-to-date, accurate and clear information and teaching resources on red meat. These have been designed to support Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 students. The seventh module, All about me, provides a broader focus on the 8 tips for healthy eating. All about me could be a useful resource for non-cook students or early finishers.
Available to view online or download. The short length of the video clips ensures they can be easily woven into different lessons to stimulate student learning.  There are 33 Digi bites to watch. To view the full list of Digi Bites visit the Meat and Education YouTube channel.
The Skills toolkit has been designed to support progression in cooking, nutrition, health, meal planning, food safety and hygiene. There are 5 theory and 5 cooking lessons for Year 7, 8 and 9 available - all with support resources.
Downloadable activities which can be used as a class or individually by students.  Sausage creator and Gourmet Burger Builder are exciting interactive activities with additional resources to support their use in the classroom. Interactive A-level PowerPoint presentation resources can also be found here.
Worksheets and posters, designed for secondary students, are available to download.
A range of resources including video clips, recipies and interactive whiteboard activities are available to support students entering the Make it with mince competition.
Details of the 2017/18 Meat and Education teacher CPD can be found here along with links to recent webinar recordings.
Hard copies of resources are available to order free of charge.