Meat and Education are continually developing new and delicious recipes for all occasions.
The recipes on this website have been designed in a clear, step-by-step format for ease of use.  A variety of different cooking methods can be found under the recipe section, varying  in time from 15 minutes to over 90 minutes. The recipes have been categorised into time taken to cook on the left menu bar.
Top tips are provided for each recipe. These are our suggestions, you may wish to add  your own. Where appropriate, recipes indicate that beef, pork or lamb can be used interchangeably.
Most healthy balanced diets will include lean red meat in moderate amounts, together with starchy carbohydrates (including wholegrain foods), plenty of fruit and vegetables and moderate amounts of milk and dairy foods.
At the bottom of each recipe a nutritional analysis has been provided to  help students develop their understanding of food selection and achieving a balanced diet. A comprehensive nutritional analysis of all the recipes can be found here
A variety of the recipes are also supported by video clips of a student or two producing the recipe. These videos can be viewed here. 
The MeatSmart Calendar might support student selection of recipes by highlighting seasonal foods. To discover more about seasonal foods, click here.