Meat: Education Insight spring 2016
This edition of Meat: Education Insight brings you news about great new resources on the Meat and Education website along with a learning resource and classroom activities focusing on Using your senses.   The recipe is Open steak sandwiches.
Meat: Education Insight winter 2015
This edition of Meat: Education Insight brings you information on new resources on the Meat and Education website, CPD opportunities and a GCSE, England, specification update.  The learning resource focuses on The art of food styling and presentation and includes ideas for classroom and...
Summer 2015
This term's newly titled Meat: Education Insight brings you education news and information about new resources and CPD opportunities, along with an active learning resource focusing on food hygiene and safety.  The recipe is Welsh lamb, pea and mint samosas.
Spring 2015
Spring 2015 - read about the launch of My Cooking Counts and the Make it with Mince challenges recently uploaded to the website along with a wide selection of savoury recipes to spice up your lessons!   The recipe is Beef mini roast with chipotle butter.
Autumn newsletter 2014
Autumn 2014  - celebrate England joining Northern Ireland and Wales making food lessons compulsory at Key Stage 3! You will also find information about teacher CPD, My Cooking Counts, new BNF KS3 schemes of work, updated Core Competences along with an article about a health day at Hawarden...